A Gorilla Safari Rwanda taking you mountain Gorillas trekking in Rwanda Volcanoes park is an exceptional Africa adventure safari in Rwanda.

Rwanda-the land of a thousand hills has a significant number of mountain Gorillas out of the 420 members that live in the Virunga Massif where tourists go for a Gorilla trekking Rwanda tour  / Rwanda gorilla safari / Gorilla safari in Rwanda  Rwanda Gorilla tours. Mountain gorillas are listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as critically endangered and they thrive only in the Virunga massif comprised of the protected Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park plus Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo as well as in the protected Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with over 400 Mountain gorillas and is known to be the pioneer destination for the Gorilla trekking Uganda safari tours.


Rwanda Gorilla Safari tours take place among ten (10) habituated Gorilla families in Rwanda- Volcanoes National Park; Amahoro gorilla family, Susa A gorilla family, Susa B gorilla family, Kwitonda gorilla family, Ugenda gorilla family, Umubano gorilla family, Bwenge gorilla family, Sabyinyo gorilla family, Agashya (Group 13) gorilla family and Hirwa gorilla family. These exist alongside other two groups namely Beetsme and Pablos Shida that have been listed for research. Rwanda Gorilla Safaris offer you a lifetime opportunity to view these mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. With each gorilla family capable of taking up to eight (8) people per day, the Volcanoes National Park can in one good morning be filled with up to eighty (80) travelers on a gorilla safari in Rwanda... Read more


1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Safari Tour Trip to AfricaThe 1 Day Gorilla trekking Rwanda Safari tour is an amazing gorilla excursion that you cannot have anywhere else in the region. The 1 Day Rwanda gorilla safari allows even the limited time travelers.


2 Days Gorilla trekking Rwanda safari TourThe 2 Days Rwanda Gorilla safari tour is one of the short Rwanda gorilla tours one can undertake in Rwanda known as the land of a thousand hills.The park has ten (10) gorilla families habituated for gorilla tracking.

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Tour with Culture The 3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Tour with Culture- a Gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda taking you through the Gisozi genocide memorial which has the collection of the remains of the Rwandese that lost their lives in the bloody genocide  in the year 1994.

4 Days Gorilla trekking Safari in RwandaThe 4 Days Gorilla Safari in Rwanda incorporates an active adventure of both the mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda in the Virunga Volcanoes park plus climbing mount Bisoke volcano . It also  involves visiting the Gisozi genocide memorial tour.

5 Days Gorilla safari in Rwanda & ChimpsThe 5 Days Gorilla trekking Rwanda tour is a Rwanda Gorilla safari trek  to see Gorillas  in Rwanda in Volcanoes National park and chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest Park is combined to generate a memorable experience.

6 Days Rwanda Gorilla safari tour, Primate & CulturaThe 6 days Gorilla trekking Rwanda primate & cultural safari is a perfect Rwanda gorilla safari that blend of nature and heritage of Rwanda. It avails the tourism products in Kigali city and Butare town including genocide memorials.

7 Days Rwanda gorilla safari tour & WildlifeThe 7 Days Rwanda Gorilla safari, Chimpanzee & Wildlife Rwanda tour is a comprehensive Gorilla safari in Rwanda enabling you to explore all the popular destinations in the country.

8 Days Uganda Rwanda gorilla safari TourCantsbee the gorilla in the shrubsThe  8 days Rwanda Gorilla Safari is a Gorilla trekking Rwanda safari trip commencing and ending in Kigali taking you through the wildlife safari destination of Akagera National Park with its counts of elephants....

9 Days Rwanda Gorilla tour & Wildlife SafariThis 9 Days Rwanda Gorilla tour is one the Rwanda Gorilla tours  commencing and ending in Kigali taking you through the wildlife safari Rwanda destination of Akagera National Park with its counts of animals like Lions.

10 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari & Chimpanzee TourThis 10 days Rwanda Gorilla Safari Tour is one of the comprehensive Gorilla trekking Rwanda tours offering you an opportunity to encounter the National Museum at Butare, & other genocide sites, hot springs at Rugarama & the Chimp trekking in Nyungwe on top of Gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

11 Days Rwanda Gorilla safari & Wildlife Safari in Rwanda 11 Days Gorillas & Wildlife Safari in RwandaThe 11 Days Rwanda Gorilla trek safari trip & Wildlife Safari features a blend of wild game, primates including gorilla trekking Rwanda adventure and chimpanzees plus Rwanda Culture. It is a Gorilla trekking Rwanda tour that incorporates golden monkey tracking & Nyungwe canopy walk.

12 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari Tour12 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour The 12 days Rwanda Gorilla Tour is an amazing Rwanda gorilla safari trip that includes the 3 Parks of Rwanda i.e. Nyungwe Park, Volcanoes Park where you will trek & see gorillas in Rwanda then Akagera National Park.

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