Rwanda dubbed the land of a thousand hills boasts of three well protected national parks located in different parts of the country. The three parks have varied habitats thus supporting varied biodiversity allowing Rwanda to maintain a good count natural flora and fauna in its small protected landscapes. The Volcanoes National Park in the north west of the country with its Aflo-alpine vegetation is the most popular destination in Rwanda since it is a home to the critically endangered mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys which present an ideal ground for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda and golden monkey tracking in Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park also protects the Virunga mountain chain on the Rwandan site and houses the Dian Fossey site.

In the east of Rwanda, there lies the rolling savannah landscape of Akagera National Park which is the only refugee of savannah wildlife in the whole of Rwanda. It has a rich habitat with a swamp fringed lakes along with savannah plains, papyrus swamps and rolling highlands. The wildlife like Masaai Giraffe, elephants, Buffaloes, elephants, lions, Roan Antelope, elands, among and aquatics like Nile Crocodiles and Hippos are found in the park.

The humid forest of Nyungwe Forest National Park in the south west of Rwanda supports 13 primate Species including the common chimpanzees and Black and white colobus monkeys. The park is noted to have survived the last ice age and being one of the largest montane forests in East and Central Africa. Its lush canopy has been brought to you by a remarkable canopy walkway that is 40m tall and 90m long making it the first of its king in East Africa and the third in Africa with its exploration commencing at Uwinka Visitor center.

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Akagera National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Volcanoes National Park

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