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Apoka Safari Lodge (Wildplaces) – UWA Concession


Apoka Safari lodge is situated twelve (12) hours northeast of Kampala, Uganda’s Capital City in the heart of Kidepo Valley National Park. The lodge is creatively mounted on a rocky outcrop making a 24 hour picturesque surveillance of the Narus Valley. The lodge is the only luxury/upmarket lodge offering accommodation in its ten (10) huge rooms (4 twin sleeping 2-4 each & 6 double sleeping 2 each) with total capacity ranging from 20 to 28 depending on the rooming requirements. All the rooms are designed to offer comfort and are decorated with art pieces which were done by some of Uganda’s best painters and sketchers. One of the highlights of Apoka Safari lodge is the splendid swimming pool which was dug into the rock out crop which allows tourists to cool off the heat in this semi-arid area of Uganda. Guests who sleep at Apoka Safari Lodge do not have to move too far to reach the park’s headquarters where the game drives start from. Tourists who do not want to travel for very long distances can access Apoka Safari lodge by air. This necessitates booking one of the flights from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi airfield to the Lomej Airstrip in Kidepo Valley National Park. Tourists can then transfer just a few minutes to arrive at Apoka.

Apoka Rest Camp (UWA)
Apoka Rest Camp

Like Apoka Safari Lodge, this rest camp is close to the park’s headquarters and is a starting point for some of the birding safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park. accommodation is offered in fourteen (14) bandas which have two (2) beds each and two (2) camping areas where tourists are free to erect their tents. Toilets are located just outside the bandas. The accommodation units are not self-contained and tourists are advised to come along with enough drinks and food to take them through the entire camping period. However depending on how long the tourists spend at the rest camp, they can ask for a chicken or goat to roast over a campfire. This can be sourced from the neighboring villages by the camp management. This accommodation unit is run by UWA; tourists can therefore find out more information from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)

Kakine Self-catering Campsite

Kakine Self-catering Campsite is also very close to the park’s headquarters offering budget accommodation to tourist on safaris to Kidepo Valley National Park. Local food can be bought from the neighboring villages but travelers are advised to carry enough food to cater for their meals for the time they are there.  Like Apoka Rest Camp, tourists are advised to come along with their camping gear too. The camp’s management provides firewood and drinking water to their guests. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) takes ownership and management of this camp and can therefore provide more information about it.

Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp

This park is located just outside Kidepo Valley National Park. Guests are housed in a number of rooms as well as tented facilities. The camp’s two (2) private cabanas can accommodate a maximum of four (4) beds and the three (3) Safari Tents can hold a bed or two. The safari tents are built in the true African architectural style with a roof of straw. All the rates offered at the park are Full Board including bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner with the exception of drinks.

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