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Chimps feel rage, joy love, jealousy, sadness and fear-Rwanda safari news

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Chimps feel rage, joy love, jealousy, sadness and fear-Rwanda safari news

Are Chimps so emotional like humans?

For many people, gorilla trekking in Rwanda is the driving force of coming to Rwanda, however, there is a lot to do more than that and you can see a lot in this country than just the famous mountain gorillas. The expenditure of the permits for Gorilla tracking in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park discourages many from visiting Rwanda. In many cases, this permit is more expensive than the cost of the flight. Since it is important to enjoy an equal fantastic experience for a fraction of the cost and come and track the chimpanzees instead.

Rwanda chimpanzee toursA Rwanda chimpanzee safari is worth making in a life time where you get to know and see the real behavior of chimps in the jungle. Since chimp share 98.9% human genes, its not surprising to see chimps sharing many emotions. Like humans, chimps feel rage, joy love, jealousy, sadness and fear. They also grieve the death of other chimps. There have been many reports of mother chimps carrying their dead infants for a day, or even weeks in some instances following their death. When chimp communities are posed with the dead body of one of their members, there is typically a range of reactions, some chimps becoming upset and displaying while others appear sad and to be grieving.

On your chimp track, you will find out that habituated young chimps like to be carried like human babies and this makes them feel good, so if you get an opportunity you can carry one and make it feel good.

Chimps feel too much love when they share food so both chimps that give food and that receive have the same level of love.

Chimps show the same behavior like human when they are angry. When are upset, they can standup wave their arms around and throw rocks and they sometimes scream to emphasize their body movements.

Therefore, a Rwanda safari tour is just more than enough for you see chimps and find out more about them and their way of living.

After this trek, you can decide to proceed to Uganda for a Uganda gorilla safari or any Uganda safari. This is a great experience as well where you get to see a lot of wildlife including chimps.

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